Enlightening point of views : Pictures of the Week: November 16 - 23

From a ceasefire in the bloody conflict between Israel and Hamas and President Obama’s historic visit to Myanmar to a rebel takeover of Goma in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and a camel fair in India, TIME presents the best images of the week.

sky flippers

sky flippers

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Oleh-Oleh Pasar Kangen


Penawar Rindu Yogyakarta Tempo Dulu

Congratulation for this one P, got more&more works to do! 





Kedai Keboen on late friday night. 

came to eat and finding nice little exhibition by local artist on the first floor

sweet section,the food expo 

The thing about spending college life in Jogja despite you can fall into some repetitive activities and regretting the day you spent while blaming the weather. In the other part of the coin Jogja will always gives me its endless art exhibitions and events. And of course the so cheap foods series.

Like some footage of this food expo we went to last Thursday.